What’s in a Name?

RANDOMATRIX (formerly DreamIT) began as a technology, software and services company, but over the years–to satisfy client needs–we’ve extended our offerings to include web, e-commerce, social media marketing, and other services. Today our clients are online in one or many ways, with plans to do more online soon! And all of it begins with naming and branding…


Naming is the beginning of any business or product; the first step in identity and branding. Picking the right name is especially important in the web and social media world of today, and it must be linked to the web address (domain name) and social profiles and pages you set up, to be consistent, memorable, and support your branding. However, moving your business and products online may force you to re-name or re-brand, to differentiate your name/brand among similar sounding web addresses or social media profiles of other companies.

Of course, finding the perfect web address with a .COM extension (yes, *.com is still the best and most desirable!) these days with a special keyword is impossible – they’re all taken, by an existing site, or domain “squatter-speculators” selling them for outrageous sums!  So, in recent years, people have resorted to alternate (non *.com) TLD (Top-Level-Domain) extensions (.net, .info, .co, .name, etc.), acronyms, cryptic  misspellings, made-up words, and “domain hacks” (ie: www.instagr.am) using other country and special TLD’s, to grab that “perfect” web address.

But after careful thought, brainstorming, and research, DreamIT realized it is better to name and and brand by using keywords in a unique COMBINATION to create that name and web address – the most literal, clear, memorable and findable approach!  Obvious combinations of keywords are also unavailable (ie: www.mycandy.com or even www.dreamit.com, which we wish we had!), but less obvious combinations, and especially phrases made of keywords relevant to your business, are often available – even today…and this is the foundation of any business’ web-presence, e-commerce, social media and online public relations.

RandoMatrix / Turning Random Possibilities into Real Results. Creating Order from Chaos.

So, to satisfy these business needs, we now offer a full range of solutions and services to help our clients with: naming, branding, web domain, design, content, hosting, e-commerce, and social media marketing.  We use our SolutionMatrix and RandoMatrix methodologies to achieve results for our clients with business systems on-premise, and online.

Good luck with your own naming and branding out there! Go literal and clear if you can, or contact RANDOMATRIX to discuss clever naming, branding and web address alternatives, where to host your website, blog and e-commerce, and how to ramp up your business online!


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