Brazil is Complicated (and fabulous!)

We succumbed to the allure and promise of doing business in Brazil!

To satisfy a client requirement (NYC-N.A. based) to expand internationally, we were engaged (as DreamIT) to provide Dynamics NAV ERP-based systems and services to facilitate and launch their business in Brazil, while satisfying all local requirements. The client was a multi-faceted import, wholesale & retail group, which may have meant that multiple Brazilian entities would be required…  Sounds like fun, right?  Well, it was quite a journey of discovery, just getting to the project launch!

Brazil Flag Eye Image

We met and incorporated some wonderful Brazilians into our international delivery team for the project.  But the real “fun” was in learning about Brazil’s very special (and numerous) requirements for not only taxation (you’d expect that in any international ERP project), but also direct reporting, and revenue registration with both bank(s) and government tax authorities, electronic communications between Company — Bank — Customer — Bank(s) — Company, and a long list of special business operations and compliance regulations, which had to be satisfied completely, in order to sell products in Brazil.

As a result of this educational journey, our Brazilian partners pointed out that we had became experts in doing business in Brazil, especially for a US/N.A. company expanding their business to that country of 200 million people!  Well, we are far from experts even after that successful project, but we will go as far as to say that:

  • We have built the perfect international team of software and service providers, to deliver ERP systems, support and BPO (business process outsourcing) in Brazil.
  • If you are a product-oriented, importer/exporter, distribution, wholesale and/or retail company looking to expand into Brazil, we’ve got your ERP solution, and an unmatched delivery team!

Contact us if you would like more information about ERP systems and services to start doing business in Brazil, or to facilitate your expansion and growth there!

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