The RandoMatrix is Part of The SolutionMatrix

We have devised a methodology based on deep experience and best practices– business, management, operations, software, technology, web, e-commerce, marketing and social media–built around a “matrix” concept, to deliver successful implementations and fast return-on-investment (ROI) for our clients.  So, what is a matrix?

A matrix is defined as, “something within which something else originates, develops, or takes form“.  It is also defined as, “a hollow device for shaping a fluid or plastic substance“…

Based on this definition and concept, we listen, learn about and document your business requirements, goals, and dreams–a fluid, plastic substance–and work with your team to develop, form and shape them in our MATRIX. Inside it, the promise-makers (marketers, salespeople, etc.) and promise-keepers (management, customer service, etc.), will find a way to work together better, with aligned goals, methods and steps to achieve them.

Our Matrix Methodology has two variations, listed below with links to their page with more information:

  • SolutionMatrix – our approach to every business relationship, from the first meeting to the first deliverable, ensuring project success – this is our master, overall, proven, business solution delivery, optimization, and ongoing support methodology.
  • RandoMatrix – our namesake “Social Matrix” or online business methodology is our approach to shaping and getting results from the web, e-Commerce, SEO and Social Media Marketing.

The RandoMatrix is 100% built on, with and using SolutionMatrix concepts. The RandoMatrix methodology is to create structure and predictable results from the random environment of the web and social media. Therefore we use images in our own posting, which contain: structure, lines, grids, webs, patterns, architecture, perspective, and shapes. Get it? Got it. Good!

Click to email us and schedule a discussion of your business needs, social desires, and marketing goals.

In The RandoMatrix, we will give shape to your needs and goals for results from social media marketing!

— RandoMatrix —


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