July Style on the Streets – Summer in NYC!

We call the fashion-apparel-footwear-accessories (“FAFA”) division of Randomatrix “The Fashion Matrix” which is focused on technology solutions for fashion manufacturing, and retail management.

Along the way, The Fashion Matrix has found our photographic purpose, our vibe, our groove, our “visual voice” as lovers of fashion: it’s street-style!  Since we’re in New York City most often, we’ll post mostly NYC street-style,  but of course we’ll shoot when we travel to other cities too. Heck, we’ll shoot in towns, villages, hamlets, and resorts too; whatever, wherever people are wearing something indicating a fashion trend, anything fabulous, or just showing off some interesting personal style…

So it seems we’ll be using the term “street-style” to mean: whatever people are wearing now, whether on the street or under it (subway), on the lawn, at the beach, or otherwise out-and-about.

We came to focus on street-style (catch that camera wordplay there?) as something we naturally observed and captured during our urban wanderings.  But we were also inspired and reminded of street-style’s public-visible-fashion-trend-relevance and impact, by the recent passing of  the great Bill Cunningham, legendary NY Times fashion photographer. William John “Bill” Cunningham’s career spanned everything from hat-making to fashion journalism, but he is most well-known and fondly remembered for his street-fashion photography, much of which was captured at the corner of  5th Avenue and 57th Street in New York City. In fact, that bustling, vibrant, fashionable intersection is soon to be renamed, “Bill Cunningham Corner” in his honor and memory.

Corner of 5th Ave and 57th Street NYC - soon to be named Bill Cunningham Corner

So, with heartfelt thanks and deep appreciation of Bill Cunningham’s life work and lasting legacy, The Fashion Matrix has embarked on our own street-style, urban-fashion-trend-observing-and-capturing journey.

Check out The Fashion Matrix on Instagram for street-style and public fashion images we’re posting. But here — for your summertime fashion and street-style enjoyment — is a gallery selection of shots we took in July. Most (if not all) shots were taken using the Hipstamatic camera app on an iPhone, with the so-called  “Fashion Combo” comprised of a “lens” (Tachman) and “film” (Runway) in a pairing option offered by the app.  Enjoy our July 2016/Summer in NYC street-style gallery!

<< Click on any image in gallery to open Slideshow view >>

WHO WE ARE…  Fashion Matrix is the name used to identify the software and technology solutions  for fashion, apparel, footwear & accessories (“FAFA”), available from Randomatrix LLC, which which currently include: Acumatica (ERP, accounting, distribution, manufacturing, eCommerce, etc.), IT’S PERFECT (ERP, Mobile & eCommerce), and Teamwork Retail (POS, Omni-Channel, Mobile, Clienteling, etc.).

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