Swelter + Swagger = August Street Style (Summer in NYC)

August 2016 street style — just like the weather — was super HOT (and humid) in New York City! It was sweltering, as both locals and tourists swaggered, walking the pavement runways, showing off their personal styles. That’s why we’ve titled this MATRIX-4-FASHION post of street style images the “Swelter + Swagger” gallery for August.

Please follow the Fashion Matrix “FAFA” Instagram feed for the street-style and public fashion images we post several  times a week. But here, below — for your summertime fashion and street-style enjoyment — is a selection of shots we took in August. Most (if not all) shots were taken using the Hipstamatic camera app on an iPhone, with either the “Athens” combo (Stavros “lens” Polina “film” Apollo “flash”), or the “Fashion” combo (Tachman “lens” and  Runway “film”), which are options in the app…

So here’s a selection from what we’ve Seen-On-The-Streets (“SOTS”) in the month of August 2016.  Enjoy our street-style, SOTS, Swelter + Swagger in NYC gallery!

<< Click on any image in gallery to open Slideshow view >>

Who are we?  We work in the fashion industry on the technology side, with deep interest in both its past — beginnings, roots, sources, history, traditions — and its future. “Fashion FAFA” and “FAFA Solutions” are the names we use to identify the software and technology solutions  for fashion, apparel, footwear & accessories (a.k.a. “FAFA”), available from Randomatrix, which currently include:  IT’S PERFECT  (ERP, Mobile & e-Commerce), and Teamwork Retail (POS, Omni-Channel, Mobile, Clienteling, etc.).

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