Randomatrix goes Vertical (Apparel + Fashion)!

Randomatrix decided to take the plunge, to commit, to focus our energies, to join the fray, and throw our “hat” in the ring!  Yes — at last — we decided to be special and specialize in one primary business type, to leverage our growing expertise, and to benefit our customers in that industry…

So what is the lucky industry we’ve chosen?  It’s fashion & apparel (footwear & accessories too) of course — the post title was a clue!


Randomatrix now focuses marketing, business development, product and service offerings, on companies which do one or more of the following with or related to clothing, apparel, beauty, cosmetics, and/or fashion accessories:

  • Design & Develop (Product Life-cycle Management or “PLM”)
  • Make & Manufacture (owned and/or outsourced)
  • Import & Export (in or out of your country, to others…)
  • Wholesale & Distribute (resell, replenish, fulfill, move, etc.)
  • Marketing & Branding (creative services, and software tools)
  • Retail & E-tail (online/e-commerce plus brick-and-mortar)

Don’t worry, we’ll keep our traditional software and services to support existing clients, and new ones in non-fashion business types, as we have since 1995!

Fashion, Apparel, Footwear & Accessories = FAFA 

There are four main types of FAFA Solutions we offer:

  1. ERP / Distribution / Import-Export = “Make it & Move it”
  2. MOB / Mobility / Sales / Apps for Selling via Mobile
  3. WEB / e-Commerce / Portals = Retail & Wholesale
  4. POS /  Point-Of-Sale / Retail Management

So, as you can imagine, for us to specialize in a specific industry, we need to have one or more special, specific software or SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions, right?  Of course we do — two GREAT ones!

Randomatrix has partnered with three main suppliers of world-class FAFA solutions:

  • Acumatica = ERP / Accounting / Distribution / Manufacturing / eCommerce
  • IT’s PERFECT = ERP / Mobile / B2C & B2B eCommerce
  • Teamwork Retail = POS / Retail / Mobility / Omni-Channel

We are ready to help take your Fashion, Apparel, Footwear, Accessories business to the next level, locally, regionally, or planet-wide!

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