The Randomatrix Timeline

In aggregate, under different names and ownership over time, we have served 1400+ clients, over 22+ years, as we updated, re-purposed, re-branded, expanded, and evolved. Born in 1995 as Watts Up, re-born in 2006 as DreamIT, and finally re-branded (due to a trademark dispute) as Randomatrix in 2016.

The Timeline of Solutions

We started out in 1995 with ERP-Accounting software, management consulting, and support services for our clients. In 2000, we introduced POS-retail-management solutions, integrated to ERP and accounting. Over time, we evolved and expanded our offerings to satisfy the needs/demands of our clients, including cloud-based applications, websites and portals, CRM, SEO, content management, social media marketing, and automation-integration solutions.

Today, we continue to optimize and evolve our product and services offerings. We introduced digital/web and e-Commerce services in 2011, and began specializing in fashion-apparel-footwear solutions in 2015. And in 2018, we launched two new vertical industry-specific solutions: systems for healthcare, analytics, and blockchain-crypto-currency transactions and support.

Who are our Clients?

Over the years, it seems we have truly served them all — from large to small — all types and personalities, with all types of solutions! Our Clients have included (for example) one or more of EACH of these business types: real estate brokerage, fish distributor, hotel-spa-resort, retailer, model agency, motorcycle maker, automotive photography archive, antiques importer, furniture designer, food/candy importer, heavy manufacturer, and much more. See logos and additional info on the Clients page.

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