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Monitor Agency Activity — What You Need to Know

Booker Notifications - Monitor Agency Activity - Subscribe

Get Notified in Real-Time
Booker’s Notification system informs you of all agency activity in real-time, as it happens! Monitor the pulse of the agency, with a live news feed that helps you work smarter, better, faster.Booker Notifications - Subscribe to ONLY what you NEED to see!

Get the News You Need
Stop the flood of emails — Booker Notifications allow you to Subscribe to only the updates you want to see! Select only the activity types (booking, imaging, admin), board types (women, men, etc.), or agency locations you need to know about.

Booker / CHAT 
Instant Messaging — Communicate Quickly + Directly

Booker Chat - stop emailing, do a quick chat instead!

Discuss Events Instantly 
Talk, react, work in real-time with your fellow agents, colleagues, or partner (via SmartLink) agents and agencies! Just one-click to launch, one-click to close, from any event card or dashboard in Booker.

Booker Chat - Immediate ResultsAn instant conversation, with one or more colleagues, without emails, enables you to…

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