Book, Manage Fashion Shows — Way Better in Booker!


Booker, the modern booking system, has dedicated tools (desktop &mobile) for booking, and managing fashion shows.

Were you at NYFW, LFW, MFW, PFW or another Fashion Week/Show? If you were there, from an agency, and managing your models at the shows, you were probably frustrated with, and limited by, your current booking system — unless you had Booker!

Booker - dedicated Show Chart - Booking System

If you were an agent using Booker, preparing and booking for fashion weekwithourdedicated Shows Chart (on your Macor PC desktop or laptop) back at the agency, then:

  • All your packages, castings, and bookings for the shows went smoothly,
  • You easily managed schedules and call times,Booker - notify models and clients about Shows by email - booking system
  • Sent notifications to models (confirming, canceling),
  • Sent modellists to clients, and much more!

With Booker, you were at the top of your game, your models were ready-to-go, and you were ready to enjoy (and profit from) the shows!

And of course, if you wereusing Booker at…

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