Want THE BEST methodology?

Jack into the RANDOMATRIX with #Random2Results!

rmx-random2results_logo-horiz_w-blgy_3500x3500The #Random2Results Methodology is the social/web part of the SolutionMatrix, our overall business and software implementation methodology for success.

#Random2Results  was developed as a “matrix” methodology, refined and updated since 1995, based on experience, to help clients improve results, and increase gains from:

  • Web-based, mobile and other electronic marketing/sales efforts
  • Integration/connection of web, mobile, social tools into business systems
  • Conversion of clicks, fans, likes, follows and subscriptions into revenue
  • Web, mobile & social tools for managing customer relationships over time

#Random2Results has one purpose: to give shape to the randomness (a.k.a.: create order from chaos)…

randomatrix_logo4-combo_1000x1000Inside the RandoMatrix, we are 100% focused on helping you to better understand, anticipate, contribute to, feed into, participate in, connect with, leverage, exploit, and benefit from the random nature of the Web, mobile and social media in particular, for improved, optimized and reasonably predictable results. The RandoMatrix mantra “what you think, we become” is an idea infused and incorporated into everything we do.  It means that once we understand your goals, we’ll help you achieve them; tell us where you want to go and we’ll take you there!

This idea is also the “engine” running under the hood of our #Random2Results methodology!  Using it, we will “give shape to your ideas” for achieving results in a world now finding and conducting much of its business via Web and social media. Of course, it’s impossible to create a single, stable, static, fixed methodology for dealing with all variations of “randomness” out there, but we have:

  • Identified the key elements, ideas and options
  • Pulled together a world-class team of experts, partners, products and services
  • Prepared excellent web/social/marketing solutions TODAY
  • Committed to improve and evolve continuously, taking full advantage of new functionality and technology as it becomes available.

Email the RandoMatrix to describe and discuss your Random business needs, social desires, and marketing goals.

See you out there…randomly at first…then with structure, and a plan!


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