We have done so much for so many over the years — born in 1995 as Watts Up, re-born in 2006 as DreamIT — finally evolving into, and re-branding in 2016 as, the RandoMatrix.

We started out with ERP/accounting software, information technology (IT) services, management consulting, and support services for our clients. Over time, we evolved and expanded our offerings to satisfy the needs/demands of our clients, including cloud-based applications, websites and portals, e-commerce, social media, CRM, SEO, content management, and marketing automation-integration solutions.

Today, we continue to optimize and evolve our product and services offerings. We added a world-class creative services team in 2011, launched agency services (talent/product management) in 2012, and focused on fashion/apparel products and services in 2015.

Click here for some of our client Testimonials — glowing praise in their words, not ours!

Click here for the Projects / Portfolio page — samples of client work products, goals achieved,  dreams “realized” and expectations exceeded.

Here is a sampling of client logos, to illustrate the depth and breadth of our “resume” and the wide variety of clients we have served, with a wide range of solutions and support:  

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