We have done so much for so many over the years! First as Watts Up, Inc. from 1995–2005, DreamIT from 2006–2016, and Randomatrix from 2016…

That’s 25+ years, serving 1400+ clients!

Here are logos from a few of the clients we have served and supported:

Who are our clients? Over the years, it seems we have truly learned from and served all types and sizes. Ranging from very large to very small, our diverse, multi-faceted clients have been nearly every type of company, organization, and culture you can imagine, running both standard and customized solutions!

It’s not from a lack of focus — we offer several industry-specific solutions — but rather because accounting solutions are the core and foundation of our business. Turns out, it’s the same for every type and size of company and organization out there as well!

Just for fun, here’s a sampling of 20, illustrating the diversity of our clients:

  1. Luxury housewares maker-importer
  2. Real estate brokerage
  3. Fish distributor
  4. Hotel-spa-resort
  5. Retailer
  6. Model agency
  7. Fashion-apparel designer
  8. Government agency
  9. Non-profit medical clinic
  10. Motorcycle maker
  11. Cosmetics maker
  12. Plastic raw materials broker
  13. Automotive photography archive
  14. Antiques importer
  15. Furniture designer
  16. Food/candy importer
  17. Sheet-metal manufacturer
  18. Nut/Food importer-distributor
  19. Real estate developer & construction company
  20. Divisions of several “Keiretsu” conglomerates, and more… 

Email us about what Randomatrix can do for you, or to request a client case study relevant to your business or organization.

We look forward to working with you!


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