mgmt_blgy-w_4000x4000We are very talented at helping talented people with modern, dynamic, creative, ethical, supportive, successful representation, and management. We are a talent agency — your agents — representing, managing and acting on your behalf, providing full-service TALENT & ARTIST MANAGEMENT, plus all the creative-branding-identity, social media marketing, consulting and technology services you’ll need to promote your talent…

What you think, we become. We apply this concept, and our proven methodology/approach to creating the results you envision, from the random possibilities. We created the tag #Random2Results to identify the agent work we do, and results we will achieve for you…

CIMG_9196heck out the RANDOMATRIX Managment profile on:

Bandcamp (buy Music+Merchandise)

ReverbNation (Agent/Label Page)

Our management and representation services leverage and incorporate the full range of RANDOMATRIX services, fine-tuned for your specific talent and goals:

  • Representation — Goal-OrientedIMG_3906
    • Tell us where you want to go, and we’ll take you there…
    • As we say — we will turn your dreams into reality!
  • Social Media Marketing
    • Grow your fan base!
    • Using the RandoMatrix methodology
  • randomatrix_logo2_blgy-w_1500x1500Creative Services
    • We’ll make you look good…
    • Design & Branding
  • Information Technology
    • We know how to make tech people sing our tune…
    • And anything they can’t do, we can do in-house!
  • Web, Blog, Content & Domainswynt.be_icon-logo1_1200x1200
    • The RIGHT name is everything…
    • Get the right name, be in the right place…
    • That’s WhereYouNeedTo.Be 

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