Our tagline: what you think, we become.The Randomatrix - where we give shape to the randomness out there.

Our purpose: to help you achieve the goals and results you envision for your organization or business. 

To see what we do, and what we’ve done, here are links to samples of creative work and case studies of software-technology projects implemented by the RandoMatrix (formerly Dreamit) team:

Web: Sites / Portals / eCommerce / Blogs / Social Media
Publishing: Books / Magazines / Covers / Interiors
Advertising: eAds / Banners / Print Advertisements
Marketing: Direct Mail / Promotion / Brochures / Catalogs
Design: Logo / Branding / Packaging / Product / Visual Design
Content: Photography / Writing / Music / Multimedia
Solutions: ERP / Cloud / Accounting / Distribution / Manufacturing
Fashion: Fashion & Apparel Industry / Vertical Solutions
Retail: POS / Omni-Channel / Hospitality / Hotel-Spa-Resort

Project Summaries & Case Study links for selected DREAMIT Clients:

  • BMW Group / Husqvarna Motorcycles
    • Implemented full ERP integrated to SAP G/L
    • Developed a rules-based configuration matrix, using color-size-style-options (like fashion/apparel) for ordering customized motorcycles.
    • High-volume, high-performance, high-flexibility
    • Developed and delivered on a tight timeframe…
  • Fujifilm / Fujicolor Processing
    • Implemented ERP, customizations, integrations to MFG systems, Data Warehouse, BI/Analytics, etc.
    • Linked Manufacturing to POS/SKU management, controls.
    • B2C e-Commerce for prints from uploads, fulfillment/logistics
    • Provided private network linking 28 plant locations and e-Commerce processing
  • Mitsubishi Imaging
    • Implemented ERP, Jet Reports, Custom Development, App Integrations, CRM, Service Management, EDI, etc.
    • B2B+B2C e-Commerce site – integrated to ERP
    • Logistics, management consulting & support
  • Juliska / Penshurst Trading
    • Tabletop goods manufacture, import, wholesale/distribution & retail
    • Implemented ERP, EDI, POS, Sales Rep Portal, Mobile and e-Commerce Website integration, etc.
    • Client Gallery Blog Post
  • Caudalie USA
    • Manufacture, Import, Wholesale/Distribution of Skincare products
    • Implemented ERP, EDI, POS, mobile Sales Rep SO Application, and B2C e-Commerce integration, etc.
    • Client Gallery Blog Post
  • Caudalie Brazil
    • Implemented localized ERP w/data links to banks and government agencies, international logistics, etc.
    • Linked to iPad mobile Sales Rep SO App, B2C e-Commerce site, retail/POS, etc.
  • Maclaren
    • Baby strollers and other infant/toddler products – ERP implementation, consulting and support.
    • Integrated/linked e-Commerce, custom development, integration, etc.
  • Warburg Realty
    • Implemented ERP/accounting, B2C portal for real estate listings
    • B2B portal for broker CRM, selling, processing.
  • Marco Polo International
    • ERP system implementation, optimization, custom reporting/analysis, and support.
    • Built portal for sales reps, CRM/order entry directly to ERP system from the web.
  • Kripalu Center / Stockbridge, MA
    • Hotel/resort/spa (hospitality) implemented ERP, large customizations, integrations, etc.
    • Web, Marketing, Creative Services. Systems/IT and Management Consulting.
  • Walkabout Program / Foundation & Alumni Association
    • Education & non-profit websites, blogs, social media, content, consulting.
  • The Dorian Project

But there are so many more–1300+ over the years–who have benefited from our solutions!

— RANDOMATRIX (formerly Dreamit) —

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