Social Media Marketing

After we learn about your business and its goals, we will work as your socialized, digital marketing partner to devise a customized plan to design, implement, connect, manage, monitor, and optimize a web, e-commerce, and/or social marketing strategy that’s perfect for your business.

Marketing Socially: using both inbound (passive) and outbound (active) marketing concepts and tools, helping you take advantage of the latest platforms, channels, ideas and new features, to accomplish your goals. Our social media marketing services may be enhanced by: advertising-promotions, inbound lead generation, integration to CRM, and much more. Our approach is to open all possible windows, so all those “bluebirds” can fly in!

Our Tools: though the social tools, integrations, and options out there change and evolve quickly (we evaluate and implement new ones continuously), our social marketing toolbox has the best tools in it, including: HubSpot, MailChimp, and YOUR CRM system, connected and integrated, with our self-developed methodology to get the best results.

Our Approach: In building the “social matrix” that’s right for your business and goals, we use core concepts of our proven relationship and delivery methodology, with some tweaks to turn it into a social-media-marketing methodology.

Our Steps: We start with your mission statement, review your situation, incorporate your goals, then make a marketing plan, which fits your needs, and enables growth. Next, executing the plan with you, we create a customized Online Presence Map, and Optimal Posting Regimen, using specialized web and social media tools, so you can run and grow your business socially, completely, and successfully, with or without our ongoing help.

We guarantee that you’ll see results!

What you think, we become.

// RMX 

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