Billing Matrix

How do your agency’s jobs get billed and moved from your booking system into accounting for payments, collections, chargebacks, statements, and taxes?

If it’s a process that takes lots of time and effort, is error-prone and risky, then get more information from us TODAY about our “Billing Matrix” solution for agencies!

The Billing Matrix connects your booking system to your agency accounting, with two versions:

  • ONE-WAY > job invoices or ready-to-bill (“RTB”) jobs are sent from the booking system to accounting, where all other processing takes place.
  • TWO-WAY <> same as above, but your booking system is updated with key information from accounting, such as invoice number(s), payment status, talent/client address changes, etc.

Want to run better, lower costs, and increase profits?

Email us to find out how the Billing Matrix can work for your agency!

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