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fafa-chalet-circle_lg-rd_1900x1900We have branded our fashion and apparel offerings as “Fashion FAFA” or “FAFA Solutions” and came up with a fashionable “f” logo (on left) to create a separate identity and branding. In case you’re wondering, “FAFA” stands for: Fashion, Apparel, Footwear & Accessories — the big four types of companies/products our industry solutions fit perfectly.

Fashion FAFA Solutions has its own separate social media feeds on: Instagram, TumblrFacebook,  Twitter, Google+, YouTubePinterest, and LinkedIn — please like and follow them all — for industry news, FAFA technology solutions, and compelling original (mostly street-style-fashion) photos and videos.

DREAMIT Fashion = software and cloud solutions for the fashion & apparel industryFashion FAFA Solutions has focused its marketing, business development, product and service offerings for companies which do one or more of the following, with clothing, apparel, beauty, cosmetics, and/or fashion accessories:

  • Design & Develop (product lifecycle maanagement or “PLM”)
  • Make & Manufacture (owned and/or outsourced)
  • Import & Export (in or out of your country, to others…)
  • Wholesale & Distribute (resell, replenish, fulfill, move, etc.)
  • Marketing & Branding (creative services, and software tools)
  • Retail & E-tail (online/e-commerce plus brick-and-mortar)

FASHION FAFA provides: Software, Cloud Solutions and Services for the Fashion and Apparel Industry.



We provide four main types of fafa-chalet-circle_lg-rd_1900x1900FAFA Solutions:

  1. ERP / Distribution / Import-Export = “Make it & Move it”
  2. MOB / Sales / Retail = Apps for Selling via Mobile
  3. WEB / e-Commerce / Portals for Retail & Wholesale
  4. POS /  Point-Of-Sale / Retail Management / Omni-channel

So, as you can imagine, for us to specialize in a specific industry, we need to have one or more special, specific software or SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions, right?  Of course we do – two GREAT ones!

RandoMatrix / Fashion / FAFA Solutions  has partnered with two suppliers of world-class software/systems for fashion, apparel, footwear, and accessories:

IT’s PERFECTitsperfect-weblogo = ERP / Mobile / B2C & B2B E-Commerce

Teamwork Retail = teamworkweblogoPOS / Retail / Mobility / Omni-Channel

More FASHION solutions for the fashion, apparel, footwear, and accessories industries will be coming soon, as we fill our “toolbox” with the best tools for: ERP, Mobility, E-Tail & Retail… 

We are ready to help YOU take your FAFA business — locally and globally — to the next level!

Request more information about our FASHION / FAFA Solutions:

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