DREAMIT has partnered with ResortSuite for several years now, to provide all-in-one hospitality solutions for hotels, spas, holistic centers, clubs, camps, retreats, amusements parks and more! This page will soon have more detailed information about the ResortSuite hospitality solution, accommodating the business-specific requirements of:

  • Hotel Management – complete booking, room management, guest service
  • POS/Retail – gift shop, restaurant/cafe, etc.
  • Spa Operations – practitioners, skills & facilities
  • Holistic Centers – workshops, facilities, etc.
  • Resorts, Clubs & Camps – shared/group/room facilities and activities
  • Amusement Parks – recreation, other ticketing & mixed-use facilities.


DREAMIT’s highly customized, specialized hospitality solution for Spa-Holistic Center-Retreat & Workshop facilities and organizations, is called “Wholistic Manager“, and was developed over a ten-year period in collaboration with two of the largest holistic spa-retreat centers in the world.

Wholistic Manager is built on, coded and customized within the Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) accounting and ERP system. Wholistic Manager may be used as-is, standalone, self-contained, or connected to and integrated with other hospitality systems or components from third-party providers, including ResortSuite.


Inquire about ResortSuite and DREAMIT’s Wholistic Manager using this form:

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