Randomatrix a.k.a. “RMX” was a provider of technology solutions, launched originally in 1995 as Watts Up, relaunched in 2006 as DreamIT, then renamed in 2016 to resolve a trademark dispute (lost) over use of “dreamit” in business.

In 2018, the Randomatrix company merged with an established IT services company to form Solution Matrix. Today, we are the modernized, expanded, and evolved version of the two technology consulting and support companies, which joined together to provide smarter solutions, and better results for our clients.

Today we use the word and concept of “Randomatrix” as the name of the Solution Matrix methodology for delivering results from social media and Web/digital marketing. Our methodology tagline embodies the concept: “From random [ideas, plans, goals] to [tangible, measurable] results.

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Email Solution Matrix directly at: info@solmtx.com

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