rmx_arnd_b-blgy_5000x5000Randomatrix a.k.a.: “RMX” is a provider of visionary software, web, technology solutions, and consulting services for business, operating for 25+ years as a trusted adviser to a wide range of clients. Today, we are the modernized, expanded, and evolved version of the company Watts Up originally launched in 1995, reborn as DreamIT in 2006, and renamed in 2016 after a trademark dispute (lost).

RMX offers world-class management consulting, implementation and support of web-based & on-premise accounting, distribution, manufacturing, and logistics applications, industry-specific solutions, cloud-based productivity and spatial-predictive analytics platforms. We live and work at the crossroads of business, commerce, technology, and connectivity.


Go to our contact page to get in touch, like and follow our social media feeds. Email us for more information about our services and solutions.

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