RANDOMATRIX (a.k.a.: “RMX“) is a company based on one simple concept:

What you Dream, We Realize.

In other words, if you can imagine, or dream of any goal or accomplishment, we have the tools and skills to help you realize that dream, and accomplish that goal.


RMX is the current, modernized, expanded, and evolved version of the business formerly known as DreamIT (2006–2016), originally operated as Watts Up (1995–2005).

Today, RMX has three lines of business — three identities, three areas of focus — each with a separate website:

Only people who dream can create the future!  We respect and admire those who dream, innovate, and create the future…

Go to our contact page to get in touch…

Request more info: info@rmxist.com or info@randomatrix.com

— RandoMatriX —

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