What is our relationship, consulting, implementation, and overall success methodology?  We call it the #randomatrix which is (obviously) also the name of our company. We have built our core concept for client success into the name of our company, and into everything we do.


Over the years, we have devised a methodology based on deep experience and best practices, built around a “matrix” concept, to deliver successful implementations and fast return-on-investment (ROI) for our clients. What is a matrix? The two definitions we used to shape our approach (and create our company name) are:


Randomatrix will take your business goals, visions, and ideas (the fluid, plastic substances), and work with you to develop, form and shape them in our Matrix. The #randomatrix is built from, and incorporates:

  • Proven solution and relationship-selling principles, combined with —
  • Best-of-breed, standard and rapid implementation methodologies, glued together by —
  • Implementation and management experience and expertise, optimized and evolved by —
  • A balance of business and emotional intelligence — how humans work best!

We have developed the #randomatrix concept into an “organic methodology”, which changes, adapts and evolves continuously to meet your needs in an ever-changing business environment.

The #randomatrix is a client-goals-and-requirements-focused process, which circles back, and repeats as needed.  The basic project/process flow is as shown in this diagram, and detailed below:

  1. Start IT — the beginning of the relationship and/or a specific project. The alpha, the genesis… It may begin with a new or existing client, a new idea, a changed business requirement. The process might start with a Real-IT Check (free review), or a “Guaranteed Results” consulting engagement, or just a visit to your offices to talk about your business.
  2. Think IT — this step is where you think and talk, while we listen, gather and document your needs, understand your pain, problems, goals, objectives, and start dreaming up ways to solve and satisfy them – together.
  3. Plan IT — the step in which we put great ideas, solutions, and options into a strategic, multi-phased (if needed) implementation plan, and schedule it based on your business process, strategic plans, seasonality, and resource availability.
  4. Make IT — next, we make it happen – setup, configure, implement, program, load, upload, customize, optimize, etc., using a combination of management hands-on, and train-the-trainer efforts to ensure client ownership of the project results.
  5. Test IT — critical step – checking our work (and yours), functionality and data integrity – will it work as dreamed and planned? Changes needed to the plan?  We will update the task list and project plan from here…
  6. Run IT — you could almost say this step is Part 2 of the Test IT step, but it’s a little different – we call this step “A Day In The Live” running and testing of the system. This approach provides final confirmation of readiness (systems and personnel) and avoids onerous (often impossible), long-term parallel running/testing.
  7. Live IT — go-live, launch, kick-off, off-and-running! Pedal to the metal, full speed ahead – with our full resources standing by to support your new system!  The funny thing is that if we have done Steps 1-6 properly (as we always do), Step 7 may actually be a little anti-climactic, although very satisfying for you! Going live on a new business system or process is stressful, but with our #randomatrix approach, it will be much better.
  • Support IT — after you are up-and-running, we will support and maintain all systems and solutions we are managing for you, to keep them and your business running smoothly.
  • Optimize IT + Evolve IT — ongoing, over time, as you do your business with our solution running, we will work with you to  also optimize, enhance, and evolve your solution, to accommodate changing business needs and strategies.
  • Re-Think IT + Propose IT — You will be happy, but inevitably, in the future when — even with a perfectly supported and optimized solution — your needs, strategies, and/or requirements change, you may start thinking about and planning new projects…and we’ll be ready to Start IT (Step 1) all over again!

The #randomatrix is our approach to every relationship, from listening carefully in our first meeting, collaborating and managing the steps along the way with you, to the final deliverable. We ensure project success by using this proven, business solution consulting, implementation, optimization and, ongoing support methodology.

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