Real IT Check

Are you getting the most ROI out of your IT infrastructure, network, hardware, systems, and platforms? How about your on-premise and/or hosted Accounting-Distribution-Manufacturing-ERP software systems? Or your CRM, website, e-commerce, and/or social media marketing?

Get a REAL-IT CHECK from Randomatrix!

No matter what technology you’re running on — whatever accounting, order-processing, ERP, CRM or other business systems you are using — you need to evaluate how it is working for you, at least once a year! The same holds true for all the hardware, mobile devices, software, operating systems and connections to the outside world, upon which you and your business depend daily. It’s not that they break (well, some do), but change is constant and accelerating, incompatibilities and instability tend to grow over time, so your business and the systems it runs on must adapt and evolve. Technology, and functionality that suited you a year ago, is probably not enough, or a good fit for your business today…

You need a Reality Check aka “Real IT” Check!

You need to evaluate whether the visions and goals of last year are being met by your business system(s) of today. The Randomatrix REAL IT Check service is designed to launch the process. It is a brief/concise business systems, process and workflow review, delivering real insight and ideas for free, with an option for more in-depth consulting when you’re ready.  The options are:

  • FREE Real IT Check — this is a half-day session, designed to:
    • Gather basic information about your current systems (“as-is”)
    • Review general functionality & processes
    • Review your web sites & social media profiles
    • Deliver simple (summary) documentation of our findings
    • Describe potential improvements & changes to make (“to-be”)
    • Suggest high-level strategy & next steps (“REAL IT Checklist”)
  • PAID Real IT Check — more time, effort, depth & deliverables:
    • Who: appropriate resources will be assigned from our team.
    • What: additional, billable services, tailored to your needs.
    • Where: on-site or remote, as needed for low cost & best results.
    • When: after the free session & you are ready for more.
    • Why: low risk way to build confidence in our skills & abilities.

Randomatrix also offers a third service, which can be incorporated into a PAID REAL IT Check. We call it the “Guaranteed Results Session.” It’s a consulting session, which produces one or more tangible, meaningful benefits or deliverable(s), for a low fee. If we don’t deliver at least one meaningful result or benefit, you don’t pay for the session! 

The Guaranteed Results Session approach will help to establish comfort and confidence in our skills, abilities, and our team, prior to entering into a long-term commitment with us, such as an implementation project or multi-year support contract.

Email about our services & solutions.

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