Randomatrix combines world-class services with proven, carefully-selected products (software, applications, hardware, and peripherals) to deliver truly “holistic” business solutions, which accommodate your needs from front-to-back and top-to-bottThe om.

The Evolution of Solutions

We started out in 1995 with ERP-Accounting software, information technology (IT) services, management consulting, and support services for our clients. In 2000, we introduced POS-retail-management solutions, integrated to ERP and accounting. Over time, we evolved and expanded our offerings to satisfy the needs/demands of our clients, including cloud-based applications, websites and portals, CRM, SEO, content management, social media marketing, and automation-integration solutions.

Today, we continue to optimize and evolve our product and services offerings. We introduced digital/web and e-Commerce services in 2011, and began specializing in fashion-apparel-footwear solutions in 2015. And in 2018, we launched two new vertical-industry-specific solutions: systems for cannabis-hemp production-distribution-retail, and systems for blockchain-crypto-currency transactions and support.

General & Industry-Specific “Vertical” Solutions:

  • Solution Matrix -- Complicated Challenges, Simple SolutionsERP Matrix — Accounting, Financial, Reporting & Analysis Tools, Distribution-Wholesale, Import-Export, Discrete/Process Manufacturing Systems & Solutions.
  • Fashion Matrix — Software & Services for the Fashion & Apparel Industry.
  • POS Matrix — Point-Of-Sale, Retail+e-tail (click+brick) Management Software, Systems & Solutions.
  • Web Matrix — E-Commerce (B2B & B2C), Web-shop Integrations to ERP, Portals,  Browser-based or “Cloud-enabled” On-Premise Smart Applications, and more.
  • Blockchain Matrix — Crypto-Currency Technology, Systems & Support.

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