What you think, we become.

With this concept in mind, Randomatrix aka “RMX” provides world-class business consulting, based on expertise derived from years of working with varied clients in diverse environments, since 1995.  Our five primary types of consulting services are:

  1. Management Consulting
  2. Business Consulting
  3. Sales & Marketing
  4. Product Development
  5. Business Development

RMX can provide consulting of any one type for a specific project, with laser focus on a specific goal. But in reality, these functional areas typically overlap and blend together (by their nature), so we prefer to provide what we call “holistic” consulting, comprised of more than one type.  We will offer guidance and involvement in multiple areas of your business, where it is needed and most beneficial. At the core of our consulting practice, and in keeping with the best (and most profitable) attributes of today’s socialized, digitized world, RMX will work with you to interact, interconnect, cross-pollinate, cross-sell and up-sell to your fans and customers.  Here are some additional details…

Our “Matrix” Consulting Services:

1. Management Consulting is where we take a strategic look at your corporate “as-is” situation: structures, business model, locations, people, systems and processes (without bias) to understand what’s working, and what is not, pursuant to your business goals.  This is C-level, big-picture, long-term work, evaluating, optimizing and evolving the phases of your 2-5 year plan, often incorporating other types of RMX services. Results may include: suggestions for, implementation of, and assistance with, changes in any of these strategic systems or areas.

2. Business Consulting is a tactical review of how you conduct your business, pursuant to your business goals, after which we focus what’s needed to improve day-to-day operations.  This is hands-on working with managers, department heads and key employees, to identify and optimize the near-term (daily/weekly + 1-24 months) tasks and steps of your business production, processing, transactions and management. This often involves other types of RMX services. Results may include: optimized, evolved, and new business processes, tasks and steps for ongoing improvement suggested, implemented, and managed.

3. Sales & Marketing is management and business consulting (strategic + tactical), focused purely on “S&M” — the growth engine of your business — the people and activities which identify and engage new prospects, convert them into revenue and keep them happy (and buying more) over time. This is consulting at all levels of your organization (as appropriate), often drawing on other types of RMX services. Results may include: optimized, evolved and new sales+marketing strategies, tactics, phases, tasks and steps being put in place, with real, meaningful, quantifiable ROI.

4. Product Development is consulting focused on one or more existing or potential products you now, or plan to: import, produce, sell, export and/or service. We will review your offerings, plans and strategies, suggest new ones, and help you bring them to market. This is C-Level and product manager oriented consulting, and may incorporate other types of RMX services. Results may include: optimization of current products and/or a successful go-to-market with new ones.

5. Business Development as we define it, is outsourced sales and marketing consulting. Not only advising and guiding — we actually do some or all of it for you! Our approach is to embed ourselves in your company, act as your in-house sales and marketing team, in order to supercharge your efforts and results.  We will incorporate other RMX services to support business development, including: Real-IT Check, systems-integration, consulting, training, and support, as needed to achieve your goals.  Results WILL include: …GREAT RESULTS!

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