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Those who know the manufacturing and retail sides of fashion, know that a “fashion matrix” is a big deal — also called a “color-size-style” (and “width” for footwear) matrix, or simply a “style matrix” — used to identify all combinations of those 3-4 item attributes, for making, ordering and re-ordering. It is a system for sales trend analysis, and predictive stock replenishment, so you make and/or order the right amount of the right materials and finished goods/items.

You may have heard the term “fashion matrix” before, and if you know what it is, you can understand why we branded ourselves with this phrase, but if not, check out the Wikipedia definition:

Software & services for Fashion, Apparel, Footwear, Accessories & Beauty (“FA-FAB”) businesses & brands.

Randomatrix - The FASHION MATRIX

The Fashion Matrix has focused our marketing and business development, selected and refined our product and service offerings for companies which do one or more of the following, with fashion, apparel, footwear, accessories, cosmetics and/or skincare products:

  • Design & Develop (Product Lifecycle Management or “PLM”)
  • Make & Manufacture (internal and/or outsourced)
  • Import & Export (in or out of your country, to or from others)
  • Wholesale & Distribute (resell, replenish, fulfill, move, etc.)
  • Marketing & Branding (creative services, and software tools)
  • Retail & E-tail (online/e-commerce plus brick-and-mortar)

Fashion Matrix / LINKS

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